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  1. A Szíriusz (α Canis Maioris, Alfa Canis Maioris) a Nagy Kutya csillagkép és az egész éjszakai égbolt legfényesebb csillaga. Látszó fényessége-1,46 magnitúdó, ami a legnagyobb értékű a csillagok között.Abszolút fényessége +1,42 magnitúdó (Sirius A), ezt az értéket több csillag megelőzi
  2. Sirius Satellite Radio was founded by Martine Rothblatt, David Margolese, and Robert Briskman. In 1990, Rothblatt founded Satellite CD Radio in Washington, D.C. The company was the first to petition the FCC to assign unused frequencies for satellite radio broadcast, which provoked a furor among owners of both large and small [terrestrial] radio stations
  3. Welcome to the Sirius Wiki! Sirius Realms is a unique Minecraft RP worldbuilding server focused around geopolitics and the creation of nations. Set in the custom world of Sirius, players are free to shape history as they please
  4. t a Syrius zenekar vezetője nekilátott újraszervezni együttesét

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  1. Sirius A ist ein Hauptreihenstern vom Spektraltyp A1 mit der Leuchtkraftklasse V und dem Zusatz m für metallreich. Seine Masse ist etwa 2,1-mal so groß wie die der Sonne. Interferometrische Messungen zeigen, dass sein Durchmesser das 1,7fache des Sonnendurchmessers beträgt. Sirius' Leuchtkraft ist 25-mal so groß wie die der Sonne
  2. os).Steaua a fost asociată cu vara și are denumirea Bayer Alpha Canis Majoris (α CMa)
  3. Sirius (α CMa / α Canis Majoris / Alfa Canis Majoris, lat. Sīrĭus) je najsjajnija zvijezda noćnog neba. Nalazi se u zviježđu Veliki pas (Canis Maior). Prividna magnituda Siriusa je -1,46! Jedna od zvijezda najbližih Zemlji, udaljena 8,6 svjetlosnih godina. Masa joj je oko 2 puta veća od Sunčeve, promjer 1,711 puta veći, sjaj 25,4 puta veći, a površinska temperatura oko 9940 K.
  4. Sirius, également appelée Alpha Canis Majoris (α Canis Majoris /α CMa) par la désignation de Bayer, est l'étoile principale de la constellation du Grand Chien.Vue de la Terre, Sirius est l'étoile la plus brillante du ciel après le Soleil, dépassant Canopus et Arcturus.Elle fait partie de la catégorie des étoiles blanches (selon la classification du catalogue de l'astronome Pietro.
  5. Sirius (alpha Canis Majoris) is de helderste ster van de nachtelijke sterrenhemel. Met een schijnbare helderheid van −1,46 is hij bijna dubbel zo helder als Canopus, de helderste ster na hem.Omdat Sirius de helderste ster is van het sterrenbeeld Grote Hond staat hij ook bekend als de Hondsster.Andere namen zijn Canicula en Aschere.Met een afstand van 8,6 lichtjaar is Sirius na de Zon het op.
  6. Sírius (α CMa/α Canis Majoris/Canis Majoris) je najjasnejšia hviezda nočnej hviezdnej oblohy. Jeho zdanlivá hviezdna veľkosť je −1,46. Nachádza sa v súhvezdí Veľký pes.Názov hviezdy pochádza z latinského slova sīrius a gréckeho σείριος (seirios, žiarivý).Často sa označuje aj ako psia hviezda. Sírius je možné pozorovať takmer z každej obývanej.
  7. Sirius nebo též Psí hvězda, Aschere nebo Canicula je nejjasnější hvězda (ve skutečnosti se jedná o dvojhvězdu - Sirius A a Sirius B) na noční obloze a nejjasnější hvězda souhvězdí Velkého psa.Velký pes představoval původně egyptského boha Anupa se šakalí hlavou. Sirius je nejjižnější hvězda zimního šestiúhelník

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Sirius (シリウス) is a Sin Archbishop of the Witch Cult, representing Wrath. Debuting in Arc 5, she acted as one of the main antagonists of that Arc, alongside her fellow Sin Archbishops, leading an assault on the Water Gate City of Pristella. After losing the battle against one of the five Royal Selection Candidates, Sirius was taken into custody and is currently being held in the Prison. Sirius is an NPC standing in front of the Dark Auction House in the Wilderness when the Dark Auction begins. He only appears when the Dark Auction is happening, which is every 3 skyblock days at midnight, and it always begins on the fifty-fifth minute of every hour, and it is recommended to prepare your coins and go to the location beforehand so you have a better chance to get in the auction. Sirius ya da Akyıldız, Büyük Köpek Takımyıldızı'nda yer alan bahar ayında kuzey yarı küreden görülebilen gece gökyüzünün en parlak yıldızıdır. Türkçe'de Akyıldız ismiyle bilinen Sirius (α CMa / α Canis Majoris/ Büyük Köpek Takımyıldızı'nın alpha yıldızı), -1,47 olan görünür kadiri bakımından, görünür kadiri olarak kendine en yakın olan. Sirius Black III (3 November,1 195916-18 June, 19964), also known as Padfoot or Snuffles (in his Animagus form) was an English pure-blood wizard, the older son of Orion and Walburga Black, and the brother of Regulus Black. Although he was the heir of the House of Black, Sirius disagreed with his family's belief in blood purity and defied tradition when he was Sorted into Gryffindor House.

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  2. Sirius (シリウス, Shiriusu?) is a song covered by Photon Maiden. It was originally performed by alternative rock group Bump of Chicken and served as the opening for the Last Hope anime series. 1 Game Info 2 Audio 3 Lyrics 4 Reference
  3. g being dropped. The service signed on November 5, 2020
  4. Sirius eller Alfa Canis Majoris (α Canis Majoris, förkortat Alfa CMa, α CMa), som är stjärnans Bayer-beteckning, även känd som hundstjärnan, är huvudstjärnan i stjärnbilden Stora hunden.Från jorden sett är Sirius den klarast lysande stjärnan (bortsett från solen).Sirius ligger 8,6 ljusår från solen och är därmed en av de stjärnor som ligger närmast jorden
  5. Sirius was an unused colossus that was removed from the final version of the game. It was cut as the way to defeat it just wasn't working out. 1 Appearance 2 Strategy 3 Location 4 Trivia 5 Gallery Sirius was a relatively small colossus, about the same size as Celosia and Cenobia (though a little taller than both), resembling a giant boar or hog. Unlike these colossi, Sirius had relatively.
  6. Sirius is a character in the Bomberman series. He only appears in Bomberman 64. His purpose at the beginning of the game is to serve as a guide for learning the game's controls and mechanics, and he continues to assist White Bomberman throughout the main part of the game, but he eventually shows his true intentions as a manipulative villain. 1 Background 2 Personality 3 Powers 4 Gold Cards.
  7. Sothis's special in Fire Emblem Heroes, Sirius. This is a disambiguation page - a list of articles associated with the same title. If an internal link led you here, you may wish to change the link to point directly to the intended article

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This article is about the radio station.For the worldwide phenomenon described by the term, see hip hop music. Hip-Hop Nation is a hip-hop radio station owned by Sirius XM Radio. The station broadcasts on Sirius Satellite Radio channel 441 (previously 40), XM Satellite Radio channel 442 (previously 67, where it replaced The City on November 12, 2008) and on DISH Network channel 6044(previously. Sirius was the name of a binary star system in the Alpha Quadrant, located approximately nine light years from Sol. This inhabited planetary system was home to the stars Sirius A and Sirius B. (TNG: The Naked Now production art) In the mid-to-late 21st century, the Treaty of Sirius was signed, ending the Kzin War between Earth and the Kzinti. (TAS: The Slaver Weapon) In 2267, Sirius was. Look at the First steps page to get acquainted with the Sirius wiki.. Please click here to access Machine:Sirius Commissioning Schedule. The Sirius project. Sirius is a 3 GeV synchrotron light source that is being built by the Brazilian Synchrotron Light Laboratory (LNLS). The storage ring uses the multi-bend-achromat design approach (5BA in this case) to achieve a very low beam emittance of 0. Sirius is a cruel and sadistic Team Meteor admin who will not hesitate to kill anyone in his way. He is absolutely ruthless and cold to everyone regardless of what rank or state they are in. Sirius firmly believes that full commitment and sacrifice is needed to complete their goals, no matter what the consequences are Overview Gallery Synopsis Sirius (シリウス, Shiriusu?) is a Pro Hero working on the Oki Mariner under Captain Selkie. 1 Appearance 2 Personality 3 Abilities 3.1 Quirk 4 Battles & Events 5 Anime Appearances 6 Trivia 7 References 8 Site Navigation Sirius is a young woman with smart blue eyes, sloping inwards, and short, shoulder-length hair of a lighter blue color which she wears side swept.

Trivia. Sirius is presumably named after the star Sirius, also known as the Dog Star, the brightest star in the heavens.; While thinking what to use as base for designing Sirius, Ueda decided on a squid. Similar to Black Ace and Red Joker, Sirius was given a powerful presence with similar design elements like glowing parts and generator parts on the back, but emits high levels of. Sirius eller hundestjernen (bayerbetegnelse alfa Canis majoris - α CMa) er den lyseste stjernen på nattehimmelen. Den har en tilsynelatende størrelsesklasse på -1,47 og lyser med det nesten dobbelt så sterkt på nattehimmelen som den neste stjernen, Canopus.Navnet «Sirius» er avledet fra det gammelgreske Σείριος, latinisert til Seirios («glødende» eller «tenneren»)

Sirio, o Sirius en su denominación latina, es el nombre propio de la estrella Alfa Canis Maioris (α CMa, también Alfa Canis Majoris), la más brillante de todo el cielo nocturno vista desde la Tierra, situada en la constelación del hemisferio celeste sur Canis Maior.Esta estrella tan notable, que es en realidad una estrella binaria, es muy conocida desde la antigüedad; por ejemplo, en el. Sirius XM Holding NASDAQ : SIRI (anciennement CD Radio puis Sirius Satellite Radio) est un opérateur américain de radio numérique par satellite.. Histoire. En 2006, le bouquet radio de Sirius comprend 125 chaînes musicales, 13 chaînes d'information, des chaînes de divertissement et une vingtaine de chaînes locales.Les satellites utilisent une orbite géosynchrone d'une période de 24. Sirius Black a Harry Potter sorozat szereplője, Remus Lupin, James és Lily Potter barátja, Harry Potter keresztapja. Tagja a Tekergők csoportjának (Tapmancs), James Potter (Ágas), Remus Lupin (Holdsáp) és Peter Pettigrew (Féregfark) mellett, akikkel együtt alkotta meg a Tekergők térképét Sirius (eller Alfa Canis Majoris) er himlens klareste stjerne og hovedstjernen i stjernebilledet Store Hund.Af den grund kendes den også som Hundestjernen.Sirius, som befinder sig 8,58 lysår fra vores eget solsystem, er en dobbeltstjerne; den synlige stjerne og en yderst svag ledsagestjerne kredser rundt om hinanden.Ledsageren hedder formelt Sirius B, men omtales også som Hvalpen

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  1. IK Sirius Fußball. IK Sirius Fotboll ist die Fußballabteilung des Vereins. Der Verein hatte seine Hochzeit in den 1960er und 70er Jahren, wo man einige Jahre in der ersten Liga, der Allsvenskan spielte und aktuell auch wieder vertreten ist. In den 90er spielte IK Sirius acht Spielzeiten in der damaligen Division 1.Anfang des 21
  2. The Sirius was a trawler used by Tintin, Captain Haddock and Cuthbert Calculus during the expedition searching for the treasure of Red Rackham. 1 History 1.1 The Shooting Star 1.2 The Secret of the Unicorn 1.3 Red Rackham's Treasure 2 Trivia 3 Gallery When the Aurora Expedition arrives in Iceland for refuel their research ship, Captain Haddock reunites with his old friend George Chester who is.
  3. Sirius is Ariana Grande's sixth dog. Grande announced on January 31, 2015 that she adopted Sirius.1 Grande posted a picture of Sirius with the caption, y so sirius.2 His full name is Sirius Black, named after a character from Harry Potter. Sirius is also the name of the Dog Star. It is the brightest star in the Earth's night sky. Sirius went on tour with Grande during her Honeymoon Tour.
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IK Sirius FK är fotbollsklubben inom idrottsföreningen IK Sirius från Uppsala.Föreningens främsta meriter är ett SM-silver, åtta säsonger i Allsvenskan och vinnare av Superettan. Från och med säsongen 2017 spelar laget i Allsvenskan.Sirius herrlag spelade i Superettan från säsongen 2014 fram tills säsongen 2016.Innan dess spelade laget fyra säsonger i Division 1 Norra Sirius is an independent system in the Core Systems within the Inner Orion Spur. The system is permit-locked, and the permit can be obtained by becoming Allied with the Sirius Corporation minor faction in any system where it has a presence. Sirius is the headquarters of the Sirius Corporation, the first and most powerful of the megacorporations. Sirius (シリウス, Shiriusu) is the personal bodyguard to the current Queen of Fiore, Hisui E. Fiore.Being the son of a high-ranking soldier within the Fiore Military, he was chosen since he was a child, along with his younger and older brother, to train and become powerful enough to be worthy of protecting the royal family Sirius is one of the protagonists of Ginga Densetsu Weed: Orion and Ginga: The Last Wars. Just like his siblings, he is named by Gin's former owner, Daisuke. He is the son of Weed and Koyuki and the oldest of his siblings Bellatrix, Orion and Rigel. 1 Appearance 2 Personality 3 Ginga Densetsu Weed 4 Ginga Densetsu WEED: Orion 4.1 The Beginning 4.2 Kamakiri's Sons 4.3 The Ohu army 5 Ginga: The. Aquilanic (Je Daqua) is the official language of the Aquilan people and the Aquilan Crownlands (J'Aquilana Coratebas). It is believed to be a derivative of the mysterious Runic Seraphi language, which is only able to be spoken and understood by Seraphs and beings of Seraphi Blood. Aquilanic is an admired and beautiful language that is commonly used outside of the Aquilan borders for mercantile.

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Yuriychka Yuliy Jirov (ユーリィゲロフ, Yūri Gerofu) is the main character of Sirius the Jaeger with his full name being Yuliy Jirov (ユーリィ ・ジロフ Yūryi Jirofu). 1 Profile 2 Personality 3 Story 4 Relationships 4.1 Sachi 4.2 Alexei 4.3 Ryouko Naoe 4.4 Saki Hanada 4.5 Bishop 4.6 Jaegers 5 Powers and abilities 6 Equipment 7 Etymology 8 Quotes 9 Trivia 10 Gallery of Yuliy. Sirius was born to Orion and Walburga Black on 3 November 1959. He grew up with his younger brother Regulus in the family home, number twelve, Grimmauld Place. Sirius' parents were strong proponents of pure-blood ideology, and they attempted to raise him in their beliefs. However, he proved to be a lot less susceptible to this than his brother <tabview> Sirius/Profile|Profile Sirius/Relationships|Relationships Sirius/Gallery|Gallery </tabview>

Sirius Orion Black (born November 3, 1959 - died June 18, 1996, aged 36), also known by his nickname Padfoot, is a major character from the Harry Potter series.First mentioned in the prologue of Philosopher's Stone, he made his official debut in the series as the false main antagonist/tritagonist of Prisoner of Azkaban, and went on to become a major protagonist in The Goblet of Fire, the. Please proceed with caution if you haven't played the game up to Sirius's Conclusion. Sprites. CGs. Transition Screens. Misc. Casual . Ribbon . Capeless . Child . Prologue . Ashe's Scenario . Wilardo's Scenario . Sirius' Scenario . Noel's Scenario . Bonus Stage . Sirius' Conclusion . Title Screen. From the ED. From the ED. From the ED Sirius was the home planet of Commander Cruger and the planet to have the very first S.P.D.as an elite squad of galactic defenders. Its inhabitants were a race of dog-like humanoids with scaly skin. It was destroyed by Emperor Gruummand his army. The planet's name comes from the star, Sirius, also known as the Dog Star. Anubis - Super Sentai counterpart in Dekaranger. See comparison page Mikhail is a character of the anime; Tenrou: Sirius the Jaeger. His complete name being Mikhail Jirov. Mikhail is the brother of Yuliy and the son of Sachi and Alexei. 1 Profile 1.1 Appearance 2 Personality 3 Story 4 Relationships 5 Powers and Abilities 6 Equipment 7 Etymology 8 Gallery 9 Quotes 10 Trivia 11 References Mikhail has long, messy, silver white hair with a right shaved part to his.

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Logo description by Yoshidude987 Sirius Thinking, Ltd. is a production company of John Sculley, Chris Cerf, and Michael Frith that was founded on Fall 1995. Nicknames: The Dog, Rude Pup, The Sirius Thinking Dog Logo: On a yellow marble background, we see a crudely drawn dog with a star on his right eye. Then his tongue pops out that causes a rude look on his face and a thought bubble. Silvia's older brother; he is passionate about the concepts of aesthetics and perfection. Sirius has long blonde hair and blue eyes. He wears a white dress shirt, a white jacket, white dress pants, and white shoes. On his right wrist, he wears a wrist guard with a blue stone in it that matches Silvia's, and behind it is a wing with red feathers. While in a Vector or piloting Aquarion, he wears. Sirius Level 1. Star Level: ☆ Rarity: Normal Energy Cost: 99 HP: Base - 1 Power: Base - 1 Spell: Null College: Infector Illustrator: Catfish Intro: The No.1 product of the failed Sirius genetic optimization plan can provide a small number of EXP when used to enhance another card. Obtain: Kindness Draws, Sirius' Infector drops, completing daily/event zones, World Boss boxes, daily sign-i Mark of Sirius CN: 苍狼之印 JP: 誇らしき青星の印: Increase AVI by 1% (10%) for all CVs/CVLs in your fleet, and increase their hit rate against Destroyers, Light Cruisers, Heavy Cruisers by 1% (10%). Increase this ship's FP, TRP, and RLD by 1.5% (7%) for each CV/CVL in your fleet. Secon Sirius's Japanese voice actor, Isshin Chiba, also does the voice of Silver Knight.; Sirius's name in the Japanese version of the game was Tenrou, the traditional Sino-Japanese name for the binary star Sirius.This was officially romanized as Tenrow in most materials however, possibly to be unique.; Interestingly enough, Sirius has his own even more flashy version of Divine Awakening, which is.

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DescriptionPrince of Canes in the Country of Stars. He has a rather rude, brusque personality. He worries about his younger cousin Procyon and has to chase him around. He immediately snaps at anyone he instinctively senses is an enemy. BackgroundYou receive a request from the King of Canes to come and be Sirius' friend. In the beginning Sirius is cold towards you, but gradually he starts to. Sirius Atwood was a suspect in the murder investigations of resistance fighter Storm Huxley in Rebel Without a Pulse (Case #17 of Travel in Time) and journalist Tabu Kebu in Fake News (Case #19 of Travel in Time). He also appeared as a quasi-suspect in Bash of the Year (Case #18 of Travel in Time) and was mentioned during the events of four other cases in Travel in Time. 1 Profile 2 Events of. Sirius is the 18th stage in Cats of the Cosmos. Project A is introduced here. 1 Battleground 1.1 Chapter 1 & 2 1.2 Chapter 3 2 Strategy 3 Trivia 4 Reference 5 Kroxos spawn after 10 seconds300f, delay 20~30 seconds600f~900f. Infinite Crocos spawn after 10 seconds300f, delay 3.33~10 seconds100f~300f. 1 Project A spawns as the boss after 10 seconds300f. 1 Cyberhorn spawns after 30 seconds900f. 5. シリウス (Sirius )は、おおいぬ座で最も明るい恒星で全天21の1等星の1つで、太陽を除けば地球上から見える最も明るい恒星である。 視等級は-1.46等 で、シリウスに次いで明るいカノープスのほぼ2倍の明るさである。 バイエル符号における名称は「おおいぬ座α星」である

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Sirius likes gardening and tends to a garden in the Black Army courtyard. Sirius is childhood friends with Lancelot and Harr. This friendship, however, only lasted a single year. Sirius didn't leave school until he was 22 years old and worked at his family's flower shop for a year before joining the Black Army Sirius (スィリオス, Su~iriosu), also known as the Holy King (聖王, Seiō), is the leader of the Ashavan, and a close friend of the late Hero Varhram. 1 Personality 2 Abilities 2.1 Akhvarta Jamshid 2.2 Flames of Worthlessness 2.3 Paradise Lost 3 Trivia 4 References He cares deeply for the Ashavan, expecially Varhram, Nahid, and Magsarion. He desires to rid Magsarion of his Shame at. Sirius Anemones are collectables in Xenoblade Chronicles. They can be found in Colony 6. According to their description, they bloom secretly in hidden spots and they are used as a remedy to calm the mind. One is required for Chemist's Reopening. 1 Location 2 Trade 3 Gifting 4 Quests The following locations spawn at a rate of 17% during night time: south of the Watchpoint Junction. Look for the. Sirius Vermillion is the current Emperor of Vermillion and is the father of Stella and Lunaeyes Vermillion, as well a the husband of Astrea Vermillion. 1 Appearance 2 Personality 3 History 4 Plot 4.1 Vermillion Empire Arc 4.1.1 Vermillion Empire 4.1.2 Worst One vs Crimson Wild Lion!? 4.1.3 The Nation Named Vermillion 4.1.4 Kardia Urban Warfare 4.1.5 Responsibilities as a Royalty 5. The Sirius SX12 is a submachine gun available to the Vanu Sovereignty. It is unlocked through purchase with Certification Points or Daybreak Cash. The Sirius SX12 is the Vanu entry into the niche of 'high-capacity submachine guns', and is easily comparable to the Blitz GD-10. Favouring a lower calibre round with a high rate-of-fire, the Sirius is able to have a much larger magazine than.

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Introduction. Sirius is a 3 GeV synchrotron light source that is being built by the Brazilian Synchrotron Light Laboratory (LNLS). The storage ring uses the multi-bend-achromat design approach (5BA in this case) to achieve a very low beam emittance of 0.25 nm·rad.The 518 m circumference contains 5 straight sections of alternating 6.5 and 7.5 meters in length, to be used for insertion devices. Altri progetti Wikiquote Wikimedia Commons Wikiquote contiene citazioni di o su Sirio Wikimedia Commons contiene immagini o altri file su Sirio Collegamenti esterni [modifica | modifica wikitesto] (EN) Sirius: The Star of Isis , su mirrorofisis.freeyellow.com . (EN) D. Benest & J.L. Duvent, Is Sirius a triple star?, Astronomy and Astrophysics , 299, pp. 621-628 (1995), disponibile dal NASA.

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Sirius é um acelerador de partículas do tipo síncrotron localizado no município de Campinas, no interior de São Paulo, Brasil.O Laboratório Nacional de Luz Síncrotron (LNLS), que já administra o primeiro acelerador de partículas do Brasil, o UVX, coordena também o projeto do Sirius. O acelerador de partículas possui 518 metros de circunferência e emitância de 0,27 nanômetros. Professor Kaler's webpage on Sirius; APOD of Sirius B in x-ray (页面存档备份,存于互联网档案馆) Discussion on Dogon issue (页面存档备份,存于互联网档案馆) Barker, Tho.; Stukeley, W. Remarks on the Mutations of the Stars. Philosophical Transactions. 1760, 51: 498-50

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Sirius (/ ˈ s ɪr i ə s /, atau α Canis Majoris (Huruf latin: Alpha Canis Majoris, disingkat Alpha CMa, α CMa)) adalah bintang paling terang di langit malam.Nama Sirius diambil dari kata Yunani Σείριος (Seirios), yang berarti berkilau. Dengan magnitudo tampak −1.46, Sirius hampir dua kali lebih terang dari Canopus, bintang paling terang ke-2 di langit malam Bio. Born under a purple sky and wrapped in the light of the brightest star, the prophecy was true and foretold the birth of the Zenith. Taken from his parents and sent to a monastery to learn the the way of the astronomers, Sirius is a calm prodigy who uses the energies of stars and planets as destructive spells and healing powers. Information Sirius is one of the youtuber skins in Agar.io. It can be used by typing Sirius in the nickname box before starting the game. Then the player's cell will become the logo of the German Youtuber Sirius, with an additional background made up of multicolor mosaics. Sirius (real name: Frederik Leppin) is the founder of the famous ƬψƬ clan. He's also a photographer, and has a nickname, Freddy. Sirius is the warlock patron of Zahra Hydris. Sirius has been mentioned but has not appeared on Critical Role. 1 Personality 2 Biography 2.1 Background 2.2 The Chapter Closes (1x115) 3 Relationships 4 Trivia 5 References Sirius appears to be closely associated with the moon(s). Zahra's father kept her caged indoors as a child, and when her father died and she went outdoors for the first time.

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Sirius Black (October 23, 1959 - Present) is a Pure-Blood wizard and eldest son born to Orion Black and Walburga Black and the brother to Regulus Black and half-brother to his classmate Mary Macdonald. Sirius is the boyfriend and later on husband to Marlene McKinnon ; and is the father to her children, Aries and Artemis Black Star Trek: Birth of the Federation (Sirius, Sirius I, Sirius II, Sirius III, Sirius IV, Sirius V, Sirius VI, Sirius VII, Sirius VIII, Sirius IX, Sirius System) Has part: Sirius A (A) Sirius B (B) Distance from Earth: 8.6 ±0.04 ly; Right ascension 101.287155333 degre Sirius Black was an English pure-blood wizard, the older son of Orion and Walburga Black, and the brother of Regulus Black. Although he was the heir of the House of Black, Sirius disagreed with his family's belief in blood purity and defied tradition when he was Sorted into Gryffindor House instead of Slytherin at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. As Sirius' relationship with his. Sirius (シリウス Sirius ?) es una heroína profesional y tripulante del Oki Mariner al mando del capitán Selkie. 1 Apariencia 2 Personalidad 3 Historia 3.1 Arco del Enfrentamiento contra el Asesino de héroes 4 Habilidades 4.1 Don 5 Curiosidades 6 Referencias 7 Navegación Lleva puesto un traje de dos partes, la parte de arriba se compone de una camiseta corta color blanco que a los. Sirius Amory is the scientist credited for discovering the Stars of Sirius, and the first man to enter the Keywork. A tireless researcher and scientist, Sirius decides to go headlong into his studies by exploring the Keywork himself in the Meriwell, a vessel he named after his wife Meri, despite her disdain for the mission it was destined to undertake. She considers it a suicide mission, and.

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Pharos Sirius is a Dungeon in Final Fantasy XIV. It is a level 50 dungeon released in patch 2.1, located on the Isle of Umbra, La Noscea. A hard version is to be released in patch 3.1. 1 Story 2 Enemies 3 Treasures 4 Musical themes 5 Gallery 6 Etymology The once-proud Pharos Sirius is twice dishonored—once by the Calamity, and now by the deadly siren of Umbra, who plots to hold the. Sirius A is a recommended character by SSDS 5733. Sirius A is a white main-sequence massive star. She is close to the Sun. She has an companion, Sirius B. She is also shy and freaked most of the time, possibly because she was freaked out by one of her rivals Sirius and Regulus both fight on different sides of the war as Reg is a Death Eater and Sirius is in the order. Regulus does change alliane from the Dark Lord and gives secrets to Sirius to help the others. Regulus becomes the uncle to Sirius and Marlene's children Aries Regulus Black and Artemis Black. Regulus is honored that they gave his. Sirius XM Hits 1 | Pandora Now | SoulCycle Radio | '50s on 5 | '60s on 6 | '70s on 7 | '80s on 8 | '90s on 9 | Pop2K | Pitbull's Globalization | The Coffee House | The Pulse | The Blend | PopRocks | Sirius XM Love | Celebrate! | Road Trip Radio | The Covers Channel | Venus (Sirius XM) | Velvet (Sirius XM) | Caliente | Carolina Shag Radio. 『天狼 Sirius the Jaeger』(シリウス )は、P.A.WORKS制作による日本のテレビアニメ。2018年7月から9月にかけてAT-X・TOKYO MXほかにて放送された 。. 監督は『CANAAN』『花咲くいろは』の安藤真裕、シリーズ構成を小柳啓伍、キャラクターデザインを松浦麻衣と佐古宗一郎がそれぞれ担当す

Sirius Tenrоin (天狼院 シリウス, Tenrо̄in Sirius?) is a character in the anime series Fairy Ranmaru: We Will Help Your Heart. Sirius is a slim boy with dark skin, white hair and blue eyes. His outfit consists of a a beige gown with a white shirt underneath tucked into white flared trousers with white formal shoes. He also wears a black necklace with a small golden trinket. TBA. TBA Star Blower Sirius is the captain of the Space Pirates. 1 Personality 2 Abilities and Powers 2.1 Devil Fruit 2.2 Other 3 History 3.1 Childhood 3.2 Member of the Space Pirates 3.3 Becoming a Captain 4 Trivia 5 References is arrogant Being a captain of the Star Pirates, his power is enormous1 Further information: Sanso Sanso No Mi Sirius ate the Devil Fruits Sanso Sanso No Mi (Oxygen Oxygen. The Archers of Sirius is a secret group of exorcists that is based in Duomo di Sirio, Italy. Their de-facto leader is Claudio Serafino and the only other members seen in-game are the Marksmen of Sirius. Their name 'Archers' likely refers to their chosen method of exorcism, which utilises Sirius-Style Exorcism Sorcery in the form of a magical bow and arrow to banish demons and evil spirits from. The Sirius System is a binary star system that is part of the Core Region directly administered by the National Council of the GTU. It contains five planets, two of which are not only habitable, but as of the 24th century both Arcadia and Sirius Prime constitute some of the most populated planets in the galaxy. In particular, Arcadia serves as the Headquarters of the Expeditionary Fleets, and. Celestial Wolf Lord, Blue Sirius + French database ID. 9,718 + French lore. 1 Syntoniseur + 1 monstre non-Syntoniseur ou plus Lorsque cette carte sur le Terrain est détruite et envoyée au Cimetière : ciblez 1 monstre face recto contrôlé par votre adversaire ; il perd 2400 ATK.

Sirius XM Canada Inc. and dismissed the action. A copy of the Order approving the settlement and dismissing the action can be found here . Class counsel's motion for approval of their fees and disbursements and honoraria for the representative plaintiffs will be heard by videoconference at 11 am ET on September 20, 2021 Planet Manhattan. Founded in the year 1 AS, Manhattan was the first human colony established in the Sirius Sector. Over the last eight centuries it has grown into a teeming world of 220 million people who live and work in a single city that covers the vast majority of the planet's land area. History Team Sirius is a Chinese professional Dota 2 team. liquipedia Dota 2. Main Wikis. Alpha Wikis. Pre Alpha Wikis. Wild Rift Counter-Strike VALORANT PUBG Rocket League Apex Legends StarCraft II Rainbow Six Overwatch League of Legends Age of Empires Warcraft Smash Brood War Hearthstone Heroes Artifact Commons

At 50 energy, summon Sirius for 45 seconds. Cooldown for 60 seconds. Weapon info. The blade is 1.1 meters long and is equipped with a kinetic energy conversion device and a simple self-discipline attack module. The kinetic energy conversion device converts the kinetic energy generated by the weapon into an offensive light blade Japanese. 「星因士 シリウス」の効果は1ターンに1度しか使用できない。. ①:このカードが召喚・反転召喚・特殊召喚に成功した場合、自分の墓地の「テラナイト」モンスター5体を対象として発動できる。. そのモンスター5体をデッキに戻してシャッフルする. Sirius Black was a friend of James Potter framed for betraying him and Lily to Lord Voldemort. During Harry Potter's first year at Hogwarts, he was freed from Azkaban by the future Draco Malfoy. Sirius died in the Battle of Hogwarts during Harry's second year. He convinces Harry and friends that he's good by saying that he also saw Harry's parents in the magic mirror. Something that Harry. I am Sirius, emperor of the Bariura Empire. Carrying on my father's wishes, I will lead the way into a new era! Unit Lore Born an heir to the imperial throne, he gave his all in matters of state and maintained a good connection with his people. It is also said that he proposed reforms to his father, the emperor

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